We deliver to all cities of Armenia.

  We can also deliver your order anywhere in the world, as we are member of Interflora international delivery network.

Still you can make orders online on web site only for delivery through Armenia, but soon will be possible also make international online orders.

Delivery of your order can take place 24 hours, 7 days.



As a rule, delivery takes place on the requested date and time.

Same day delivery on the date of your order can only be guaranteed under the following conditions:

After payment your order is transmitted to the flower shop for.  For Saturday and Sunday deliveries order should be placed in advance.



Please check carefully that the delivery address, including local telephone number, is complete and correct. We cannot accept any liability for late or non-delivery due to an incorrect or incomplete address and if recipient does not answer phone calls. guarantees each order to be delivered on the requested delivery date during the regular local opening hours of the executing flower shop.

We do guarantee the delivery on time if the order contains all the proper details for the successful delivery:

  • Full name of the recipient
  • Complete delivery address
  • Name of the place of destination (hotel, company, restaurant, etc.) and additional details such as room number, department name and others, which exactly indicates the place of destination.
  • Telephone number of the recipient or contact person. The country code/mobile code must be mentioned as well. Delivery is made only after the confirmation by phone.

Delivery to the hotel is available to the reception desk only. The order will be passed to the recipient by the hotel staff. Delivery can be carried out without a phone call to the recipient.

The following details are necessary for successful delivery to the hotel:

  • Full name, In case the room is booked for another person, please specify full name of that person, telephone number of the hotel (if available)
  • Full name and address of the hotel, room number of the recipient (if available)

Delivery to the hospital is available to the reception desk only.


Campgrounds, military bases, boats, seaports or airports are not guaranteed delivery addresses.

For special orders or inquiries, please contact us by e-mail or by phone or via contact form.



If we are unable to deliver the order and unable to reach the recipient within 24 hours, you will either be informed via phone or email that no delivery could be made. Courier is authorized to leave the flowers with a reliable third party (e.g. a neighbour, receptionist, porter, funeral parlor, colleague etc.) deemed suitable for passing on the flowers and gifts to the addressee. The same applies to additional items (accompanying card, gift article, etc.) for which transmission has been agreed to in individual cases.

If by any reason the order cannot be executed you will be contacted by our Customer Service as soon as we reported its delivery problem. We will inform you if redelivery is needed for it’s payment.


14 February, 8th of March, 7th of April: 30-31th of December. Due to the high order volume orders сan be delivered soon or later of your mentioned time. Such orders should be placed few days in advance. 

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