1. When can I make an order?

Avenue des Fleurs work 7 days a week round-the-clock.
Orders in the whole territory of Armenia are within easy reach 24 hours a day.

Orders online can be made 24 hours a day for the same day delivery. Orders made after 18:00 will be made and delivered during the next day of reservation.

It’s preferable to make orders in advance in order to have enough extension for preparations.

However it is possible to make urgent orders by making immediate call.

Orders can be made even several months before the due time. The order will be delivered at the chosen day and time.

We work with longer schedule on holidays, consequently the orders should be made possibly earlier.

Deliveries abroad can be arranged from Monday till Friday, from 10 am till 6 pm. The spans of delivery vary from the country, region and the delivery date.

For details, emergency cases and queries you can contact  us on (+374) 10 530374 or (+374) 94 530374 numbers.

2. What can I order?

You can order bouquets, natural and artificial compositions, candy compositions,balloons, cakes, beverages, desserts, gift baskets, souvenirs and various presents. You can also order decorations with flowers and balloons, serenade, buffet table, candy bar so on.

On the threshold of the holidays there opens special sections within the website suggesting proper assortment and decoration services corresponding to that specific holiday, such as New Year, Easter, Valentine’s Day and so forth.

3. Will the ordered product match the one presented on the website with its appearance and quality?

In most cases the ordered product matches with the one presented on the website. Sometimes, depending on the  weather conditions or the import of the products, some sorts of flowers and accessories may be missing, thereby some differences are possible.

Our florist-designers will do their best to deliver the best possible decoration, size and general hue mood  of the selected bouquet or composition.

Any obvious changes are agreed with the customer beforehand.

4. Can I see what is going to be delivered?

Avenue des Fleurs gives its customers the opportunity to get the picture of the delivered product.

The customer, finding himself/herself in Armenia or abroad, has the opportunity of seeing the picture of the present ordered by him/her and of the receiver at the moment of delivery.

You can mention for being provided with the free photography service while ordering online or by simply letting the associate know about that.

Only on holidays due to the huge number of orders the photography service doesn’t function.

5. Can I order a delivery by mentioning a concrete time?

You can make orders mentioning a concrete time with 2 hours of difference, sometimes even less.

On holidays the orders are made with 4-5 hours difference because of the huge numbers of orders and are delivered during the day.

Orders abroad cannot be registered on a concrete time with the exception of mourning ceremony orders ( orders are not registered on the website).

6. When should the orders abroad be registered?

The orders abroad should be registered at least 2-3 days in advance, on holidays even earlier (orders are not registered on the website).

7. What data are required while making an order?

While registering  the order the customer should provide recipient’s

  • name, surname

  • address

  • phone number

  • the selected product

  • the form of the envelope

  • the address and the phone number of the customer

8. Can I order an anonymous delivery?

You can order a delivery anonymously. The delivery man doesn’t master any information about the customer. Only the envelope contain information in case the customer has left a note there. The information about the customer is considered to be confidential.

9. Can I send deliveries abroad from the assortment presented on the website?

The assortment of products presented on the website is delivered only in the territory of Republic of Armenia. The assortment deliverable abroad will soon be presented on the proper section of the website.

10. Is it possible to order several months before the occasion not to forget on the due date?

Yes, it is possible to make orders several months before the due date.

11. Can I make payments through PayPal transfer system?

Yes, payments can be made through the paypal system if the customer has already an opened account within the portal.

12. Can I make payments through both international Master and Visa as well as local bank cards?

Payments through international Master and Visa as well as local bank cards are possible on our website.

13. Can I order products which are not presented on the website?

Individual orders are also possible. Orders can include such products which are not presented on the website. For that it’s necessary to inform beforehand what you desire so that we could check the availability of the product and put the price on the website.

14. Can I order a romantic evening for a loving couple?

It is possible to organize a romantic evening in a restaurant or a favourite place and devote it to the couple. The table decorated with candles and flowers and with beforehand ordered dishes will wait for its customers. Flowers will be served during the evening. It is possible to order a serenade and other supplementary services during the evening.

It’s preferable to register the order beforehand.

15. Why trust us?

Avesnue des Fleurs has been working in the Armenian marketplace for 12 years and is one of the leading flower salons in Armenia. The company is responsible for every single order it accepts and does its best for the satisfaction of its customers.

16. How to make sure that the suggestion or the complaint made by me will find its proper reaction?

If you have some suggestions or complaints, than you can be sure to have them thoroughly heard and taken into account by the respectable manager. We do our best to ensure the customer’s satisfaction and compensate for the aroused inconvenience.

You can send your suggestion or complaints to info@flower.am email address mentioning your data and contacts.

Our support centre specialists will contact you in order to discuss the proposed terms.

17.  What will happen to my order, if I have asked not to call the receiver, but he/she is not in place at the moment of delivery?

If the recipient is not in place, but we have his/her phone number, than the deliverers can call and check his/her location.

If the recipient is not in the mentioned place on the time of delivery, but there are some people who know him/here around the place, than the order is given to them registering their data.

To avoid above-mentioned circumstances, make sure that the receiver will be in place during the delivery time before mentioning “don’t call” while making the order. While checking the details the deliverer doesn’t unveil the customer’s who being not to spoil the surprise.

18. Do the order data remain confidential?

Each data  concerning to the customer or recipient (name, surname, address, phone number and so on) are kept confidential and cannot be available to a 3rd side.

19. What will happen to the order, if the address mentioned by me is wrong?

If you are not sure that the address mentioned by you is correct, than we had better check it before the delivery. Otherwise we will not be able to guarantee the delivery of the order on due time.

If the address has been mentioned wrongly by you and there is a mention “don’t call” , than the delivery man will bring the order back and will contact the customer.

If the order has been made out of Yerevan, to another city or region of Armenia, than the 2nd delivery is subject to a payment. Taking into account this circumstance, please make sure that the data provided by you are accurate.

20 How can I cancel or postpone an order?

In order to cancel or postpone the delivery of the ordered and paid product it’s necessary to inform us about that early enough, before the preparations of the order. In that case the money paid by you is totally subject to reimbursement.

If for the order there have been obtained such products which are getting spoiled in short period of time ( such as cake, fruits, sweets etc.), than the value will be extracted from the main payment.

21. Is it possible to consider the paid money as a deposit for the further orders?

At your request we may also postpone the order and leave it on a free date until you will decide a new day of the order.

22. Are the flowers delivered with the flower pots as they are presented on the website?

If the presented flowers are in the “Compositions” section of the website, than the pot is the inseparable part of the flower. If it is in the section of “Bouquets”, than it is delivered without a pot.

23. Can I order a delivery to a city or region not included on the list of the website?

Our delivery service is available in the whole territory of Armenia, even if the region or the city is not included on the list. The cost of delivery to the desirable residence should be checked beforehand.

24. How early should the cake be ordered?

If you want to order a cake , than it is necessary to make the order at least 1-2 days before the occasion. If the cake is for the same day, please take into account, that the preparation procedure takes from 3-6 hours depending on the complications, or it can be substituted with another cake at your request.

25. Is it possible to substitute or  return the ordered product?

If you have received a present or have ordered any product from the website , than you can substitute it with a product at the same cost range with the exception of flowers, food, those products, who are damaged, have lost their initial appearance or label and so on. Those orders, which don’t comply with the description or have been damaged during the delivery are also subject to return.

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